Friday, August 16, 2019

ABCs of DCGMS Library: X is for "EX"plore

Today's ABCs of DCGMS Library post is brought to you by the letter X...which means a little "hedging." Today's letter X is for "EX"plore.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Throughout the year in Literacy Studies class, students had the opportunity to literally explore the physical book collection as well as the library space itself, along with virtually exploring our online databases as they worked together to solve breakouts and complete different projects.

Students also explored different STEAM activities throughout the year--you can read about their work on these earlier blog posts. Additionally, students explored how to present their learning in new ways using tools like Screencastify, Thinglink, and Hyperdocs.
Late in the school year, students also explored Destiny Collections as sixth graders worked to complete a Biography in Action project and seventh graders finalized their World Peace Day projects. All students searched public Collections to add items to their own private resources and explored new avenues of learning.

Stay tuned--students' exploration continues in the new year!

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