Thursday, August 8, 2019

ABCs of DCGMS Library: U is for Unsplash

Today's ABCs of DCGMS Library post is brought to you by the letter U: U is for Unsplash.
You may have noticed that many of the introductory photos for our ABCs posts have been from Unsplash, and students used Unsplash often throughout the year in their projects for Literacy Studies class. According to their website, Unsplash is "the Internet's source of freely usable images powered by creators everywhere."

What does this mean for students? Great photography and images to use with user-friend citations, for one. An easy Google Slides add-on for another!

If you're looking for great photography for your students to use with easy and manageable citations, Unsplash is a wonderful option. Below are a few images students used as part of their projects.

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