Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hi - Fi for Wi - Fi: A Website for Historical Fiction

Looking for some historical fiction? Chelsey Kolpin has put together a great resource for us with her website Hi-Fi for Wi-Fi! When working on Master's project, she wrote, "In an effort to get more young adult students interested in historical fiction. . . I put together a website of book trailers and book descriptions for historical fiction."

On the website you can access historical fiction novels based on different periods in history, as well as video links:

Currently 15 books are featured on Kolpin's website, but she tells us that more may be coming soon. One of the featured books is What I Saw and How I Lied. Here's the description of the book:

You can also access book trailers:

Feel free to access the site to browse historical fiction titles. Many are found here in our library, and one of the featured titles--Between Shades of Gray--is an Iowa Teen Award nominee for this year!

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