Monday, October 14, 2019

Using Digital Gallery Walks as a Response Tool

Now that we're into the swing of things, Literacy Studies students have been working on a variety of activities, including a quarter project related to work in their reading classes.
Photo by João Silas on Unsplash
Sixth graders completed Google Slides explaining and supporting the genre of their independent reading books while seventh graders applied literary terms to one of their own independent reading books. Once their work was complete, it was time for our digital gallery walks!

If you're unfamiliar with a digital gallery walk, Matt Miller from Ditch That Textbook explains it as "collaboration on their feet" and "...lets students display, share and discuss work much like a visit to an art museum. (You can read the full blog post and explanation HERE.)

Literacy Studies students have an extra opportunity with their gallery walks by writing comments related to their classmates' work. Their gallery walk comments reflected what the assignment asked of students.

After the day's gallery walk, I collected students' responses, not only so I could read through their work, but also to leave my own comments on students' papers. Now students have feedback from me through Google Classroom and in written form on their pages, as well as feedback from their classmates related to their work.

Stay tuned for more examples of digital gallery walks with variations on students' response activities!

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