Wednesday, July 3, 2019

ABCs of DCGMS Library: H is for Hyperdoc

The letter H brings you today's ABCs post--H is for Hyperdoc. Another new activity from the Literacy Studies class was an activity in which students used a collaborative Hyperdoc to talk about books.
Image from Pixaby
The Hyperdoc that students used was a book talk/book share document that allowed them to complete a row within the document. Student chose a book, included the book cover along with another image, and then they linked a related website (author site, interview, book trailer, etc.) to one of the images. Finally, students wrote about something they learned from the book. The Hyperdoc appears below, and a copy is accessible by clicking on the link below the image.
LINK to access the template
Once students had completed their own row in the document, they read through one another's work and responded to at least two classmates with a question or comment related to the writer's original thinking. What a great way for students to see several books represented in one place and to be able to "talk" to peers and classmates about books!

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