Monday, July 1, 2019

ABCs of DCGMS Library: G is for Graphic Novels

Today's ABCs post features some of the most popular books in the collection--G is for graphic novels.
Photo by Miika Laaksonen on Unsplash
A quick search in circulation reports showed that graphic novels were checked out 1,282 times during the course of the school year! When we look at total circulations, that's 15.3% of all items checked out! Certainly, graphic novels are popular among students, and it's no wonder *why* they are: graphic novels are an easy-to-read blend of text and images with ever-expanding topics (family struggles/dysfunction, historical content, LGBTQ issues, and school themes to name just a few).

Some of the more popular graphic novels appear below:
And this particular interview with author Jarret Krosoczka prompted several students who'd not read a graphic novel before to try out his book Hey, Kiddo:

Haven't tried a graphic novel yet? Just stop by once school starts--we're happy to recommend something for you! Happy reading!

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