Thursday, August 2, 2018

Summer Reading Book Recommendations: Week 9

Some of the most popular books in the library are graphic novels, so this week's summer reading recommendations from our daily tweets are all books in that format.
You can see the full presentation HERE.
Like the caption indicates, this week's titles are nearly all books in a series or in planned series, and with the exception of Hidden: A Child's Story of the Holocaust, are all based on chapter books. Often we see that our readers move between the chapter books and graphic novels with ease and re-read their favorites as they come to love the stories and the characters.

Two of our featured books in series will have additional titles published in the coming school year:
•  Supernova: Amulet 8 on Sept. 25, 2018
•  The Lost Air: Wings of Fire 2 on Feb. 26, 2019

Only two weeks before we return to classes--have you found a book or two that you'd like to look at and perhaps check out? We're excited to see you soon!

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