Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1-Thing Wednesday: Destiny Quest

Using Destiny Quest has become an extension of the work we do with students throughout the year. When students were in Grades 3 - 5, using Destiny Quest was regular practice during scheduled library classes. Once students move on to the Middle School, using Destiny Quest becomes more individualized, and it has also become part of the language arts classes.

As students come and go from the library--and as they work in study halls--they sometimes sit at a library computer to respond to friend requests in Destiny Quest and send friend request themselves, sometimes making book recommendations when they do so. Students also add books to their virtual bookshelves, adding not only books they've read themselves, but also books they've enjoyed as read alouds. 

Part of the language arts curriculum includes writing book reviews, and Destiny Quest--along with our online catalog--offer students an authentic audience for their writing. Full classes visit the library, where we talk about what makes a strong book review, and then students write two reviews in a quarter. Over time our online catalog has become a place where students can read peers' reviews and thoughts about books in the collection.

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