Friday, April 18, 2014

7th Grade Literature Circles Book Preview

Recently 7th grade language arts teachers approached me about helping introduce a literature circle unit--could I recommend some titles for their project, and would I like to also book talk any of these titles? Of course! Let the collaborating and planning begin!

We put together a list of titles, and then made arrangements to book talk them in the library. The Google presentation for the book talks is below:

Students in Mrs. Reels' and Mrs. Larsen's classes combined their meeting times to sit in on book talks earlier today.

Students will make their book selections soon, and their work in the next weeks will focus on these books. A great activity for student choice to support reading what you love!

AN UPDATE (Saturday, April 19, 2014): After tweeting out a picture with a quick word about our lit circle book talk activity on Friday, a Southern California public radio station picked up on it! 

In a post featuring #TeacherTweets, KPCC included this image:

Looks like others noticed! What a neat and unexpected connection!

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