Tuesday, April 8, 2014

7th Grade Children's Book Project

The 7th grade language arts teachers have been working on a children's book project related to their work with theme and moral. They began by reading several children's books--like those shown below--to examine the story construction, character development, and illustrations.

Language arts students then began drafting their own children's stories and planning their illustrations. As they created their books, we teachers worked behind the scenes to arrange for them to share their original books with Dallas Center Elementary students. In addition to reading and talking about their books, 7th graders would also have the opportunity to listen to the elementary students share their own writing or favorite children's book.

Our visit today was a big success! The four morning classes shared their books in a 5th grade class, a 3rd grade class, two 4th grade classes, and a 1st grade class. 

Students worked in partner groups or groups of 3 with 7th graders rotating once during their time together so they could share their work with an even broader audience. 

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