Monday, January 27, 2014

7th Grade Science Disease Brochure Projects

Recently the 7th grade science classes worked on their disease brochure projects. Mr. Jaspering and Ms. Bender asked students to learn about a disease of their choosing and present the information in a brochure format.

Using both print and non-print resources, students evaluated the information they'd like to include on their brochures. To make their searching time faster and easier online, students could access the MS Library Main Page to find links to valid, reliable, current websites to start their work. This is also where they could make a copy of the Google document to work from.

It was a busy day in the library and computer lab when work began, so Mrs. Ellis joined science classes in their classroom. 

One class period combined the two science classes to meet in the library. While it was pretty crowded--almost 50 students--everyone was able to work on a computer and start their brochures.


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