Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Top 20 in 2020

Here in the first week of January 2021, it seemed like a good idea to look back on the most checked-out titles from 2020. The titles represent some of our most popular authors in the library, as well as many current and former state award nominees. You can see the full set of 20 books when you click on the link below:

CLICK HERE to access the presentation

Many popular authors--Alan Gratz and April Henry anyone?--and several Iowa state award nominees are on this year's list, alongside some older favorites like Big Nate and Mike Lupica. You might also have noticed that graphic novels made the list; they continue to be a popular choice for many readers! See any here that you've read yourself? Or maybe you want to try? You're welcome to stop by and check out a title or two--happy reading!

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  1. It's interesting what titles are popular. I can't get kids to check out The Wild Robot for anything at my school, and The Thing About Leftovers isn't a big deal. Stormbreaker leads my list every year because I love it so much, and The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall and Insert Coin to Continue were in the top ten. Thanks for posting.