Monday, February 24, 2020

Showing Some Love to Nonfiction Reading

Recently both sixth grade and seventh grade Literacy Studies students completed work that relied on them using our online databases to do a little nonfiction reading to gather information related to topics of their choice. Sixth graders completed the AEA online databases tic tac toe project (you can read about it HERE in an earlier post), and seventh graders created an "app" using Google Slides. (More to come in a future post!)

Both projects included accessing our AEA databases and doing some nonfiction reading. To reinforce this, a recent library display showed students that the realities of nonfiction topics often are reflected in the fiction books they more often gravitate toward. Take a look at some of the more popular nonfiction topics and their fiction counterparts.

Topics for the display included:
  • bullying 
  • natural disasters
  • disease
  • war spies
  • paranormal activity
  • immigration
  • Holocaust
  • Vietnam War
  • extreme sports
  • autism
  • mental health
  • animals

 Throughout the year, students watch book trailers in Literacy Studies class as part of our routine, and often nonfiction titles are included. Recently students watched these trailers:

Stay tuned! More books--including nonfiction reading--will be featured in an upcoming post. Happy reading!

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