Friday, May 3, 2019

Poetry Breakout Time

One of the activities in which literacy studies students participated during National Poetry Month was a poetry-themed breakout. Our breakout was a combination of materials from Second Nature Teaching from Teachers Pay Teachers, and items created specifically for DCG students.

Like our library orientation breakout (click the link to read about students' first literacy studies breakout), groups began with an introduction letter. This time, though, the letter was actually a group of limericks, in staying with the poetry theme! The first two limericks appear below:
Students had to locate poetry books on shelves, solve particular items in a poetry-themed crossword puzzle, use their grammar skills to earn codes, and evaluate the limericks for answers all to determine combinations to locks. A digital component accompanied the breakout as students had to scan QR codes and enter information in Google Forms.

Like other breakouts students have completed throughout the year, they often had to struggle, fail, and rethink their work to determine combinations. Collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity all played a part in students' efforts!

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