Thursday, March 28, 2019

Announcing Our State Award Winners

It's always exciting to return from spring break knowing that we'll be voting for our Iowa state award winning books! To help more students be eligible for voting, read alouds were part of both sixth and seventh grade literacy studies classes this fall; students listened to either Save Me a Seat from the Iowa Children's Choice Award list or Projekt 1065 from the Iowa Teen Award list. did the two read alouds fare in the voting? Quite well, it turns out! In fact, eligible sixth grade voters selected Save Me a Seat as the winner in our building. You can see voting results below.

And what about Projekt 1065? In what must be some of the closest voting *ever* in our building, it lost by the narrowest of margins--just ONE vote! Our building winner was Making Bombs for Hitler.

Even with our building voting complete, we're eagerly awaiting the announcement of the state-winners early in April. We shall see if students across the state felt as we did about this year's titles.


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