Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Library Breakout--Digital Style

With the success of our first ever physical breakout at the start of the school year (you can read about it here), it's time to try a digital breakout!

Students in the Literacy Studies classes worked in small groups to problem solve their way through four clues to decipher the locks for a color lock, direction lock, 4-digit lock, and 4-letter lock. The premise had students imagine that they were part of a panel to determine the best series books for middle school readers. Their work wasn't accurately represented, however, so they need to go back through their work to find the missing titles.

Each scenario used different resources: Common Sense Media's Best Book Series list, an EdPuzzle video, YALSA's Teen's Top Ten list, and a Slides presentation relating to recent Iowa Teen Award nominees. Working together, students used different strategies to determine lock combinations and solve each of the locks.

Now that students have tried both a physical and digital breakout, our next step is to blend the two types! More breakouts to follow!

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