Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer Reading Book Recommendations: Week 7

We're on the downward slide of summer heading into August and the start of school, but summer reading suggestions keep coming! This week the focus is on mythology.
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Students often gravitate to the Roman and Greek myths, and many YA novels are popular because the story has a base in those ancient stories. The Percy Jackson series and its continued popularity is certainly proof of that, along with many other series by Rick Riordan. Who Let the Gods Out? also features Greek mythology; however, if you're looking to read stories with a basis in mythology from other places, you might try the others featured above. While most of the books shown are in a series, The Scorpio Races is not, so if you're looking for a stand-along title (and a *great* read!), you might want to try that one. Series or stand-alone, Greek mythology or not, all of these make summer reading--or any time reading!--more enjoyable!

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