Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Books from Our Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you to our parent volunteer who oversaw the spring Scholastic Book Fair! With her work and the generosity of our families, we were able to purchase several new books for the library, including those featured below.

Are you looking for a graphic novel? These four are now available in the library, including the long-awaited graphic novel for the Wings of Fire series.

Among the new books are new titles in popular series, like Gordon Kormans' Ungifted and its sequel Super Gifted. Book 3 in the Horizon series, A Warp in Time, is also now part of our collection. Not read the other two book in the Horizon series? Check out the trailer below.

Looking for mystery, action, or adventure? Popular authors Lois Ruby and Ally Carter are among the authors whose books were also recently added to the collection. You can read more about Not If I Save You First on author Ally Carter's website.
We're excited to talk with you about our new books--stop by the library soon to check out one of these new books or any of the others in the collection! See you soon!


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