Wednesday, June 14, 2017

1-Thing Wednesday: Google Classroom in the Library

This year our DCG Middle School students started using Chromebooks in a 2:1 environment (2 students for every 1 device), and with the increased access came the use of Google Classroom in the library.
A few of the library Google Classrooms

Every language arts classroom in Grades 6 - 7 had its own library Google Classroom where students could access everything from our library main page to that day's digital activity. Below are just some of the examples of how we used Google Classroom:

  • accessing and viewing book trailers related to state award books
  • using our library Symbaloo to find websites and databases for research
  • accessing state award voting forms

The ease with which students could access that day's work--and return to it as they liked--made all the difference. This was especially true as we worked to promote our state award nominees throughout the year. Early last fall, students visited the library to view a Prezi presentation featuring book trailers for the Iowa Teen Award nominees. Then, students accessed a handout via Google Classroom to track their impressions of the books and make note of whether or not they'd like to read it.
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Now that students are more familiar with Google Classroom, they likely return to school with a better understanding of how we'll use it in the library. What a great tool to manage classes, share resources and assignments, allow for technology integration, and engage students!

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