Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Information from J.K. Rowling!

Earlier this week author J. K. Rowling shared some information that Harry Potter fans have long been considering: Where is the North American wizarding school?

According to writer Kelly West on the website CinemaBlend, here's what Rowling had to share about a North American wizarding school:

Specifics about the school weren't immediately clear--is the school in Canada or the United States?--but according to the Pottermore website, Rowling has new writings coming soon that perhaps make things clearer. (Not familiar with Pottermore? Check out an earlier post HERE.)

If you haven't been to Pottermore recently, all of the wizarding schools are now represented, complete with a map and short pieces about each of the schools.

You can read about Mahoutokoro, the smallest of the schools, located in Japan, or you could find out more about Uagadou, one of the African wizarding schools where students are notified by Dream Messengers if they are chosen to attend. Located in the Brazilian rain forest, Castelobruxo is known for their excellent exchange programs for European wizarding students. 

Other wizarding schools--Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and Hogwarts--are also represented on the website if you want to read more about these schools with which we're already a bit familiar. Keep an eye out for Ilvermorny, as Rowling will be adding new writings about the school soon!

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