Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Featuring Pottermore on Harry Potter Hump Day (Eve)

It's Harry Potter Hump Day eve, but as you'll read later in this post, today is an exciting day for Harry Potter fans and the website Pottermore.

How can we have a Harry Potter Hump Day series and not feature Pottermore.com? For fans of the series, this is THE place to continue your involvement in the stories and lives of the characters.

What is Pottermore? Check this out:

And Vox.com has this to say about Pottermore:

According to the Pottermore website, users can "experience the Harry Potter stories like never before. . . . Learn more about the wizarding world as you discover exclusive new writing from [J.K. Rowling] herself. Explore key scenes from Harry's journey and begin your own." The bottom of the site includes a scrolling feature that explores many aspects of the books:

The site also includes a Pottermore Shop...

…and Pottermore Insider, the official blog for the site.

To access all of these things and more, users need to create a free account:

So why feature Pottermore today? Rowling has posted a new short story to Pottermore. According to Vox.com, Harry is now 34 years old, and readers can catch up on the lives of the main characters, as well as a few of the secondary characters.

Eager to find out more? Head over to Pottermore.com and sign up for a free account today!

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