Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FREE Summer Audio Books

According to their website, Sync is "a program that gives away two complete audiobook downloads--a current YA title paired thematically with a classic or summer reading title--each week to listeners ages 13+ while SYNC is in session."

When is SYNC in session?
  • May 30 - August 21, 2013
How do I get the books?
  • Through OverDrive Media Console, which is what our local public libraries already use. You might already have it yourself on your device! Not sure which device to use? Put OverDrive onto your desktop, too!
  • You'll need to sign up with SYNC--click HERE to sign up. You can also get text message alerts, an email newsletter, or you can follow their blog.
Below are some of the titles SYNC is offering *free* this summer!
And here's a partial schedule to start your summer reading. You can CLICK HERE to see the full summer sessions listed.
Audiobooks are a great way to take reading with you wherever you go this summer! And with free books from SYNC, it's hard to argue with the price! :)

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