Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Spine Poetry, Take 2!

After having small groups of students work to create spine label poems last week (see the earlier blog post further down this page), 7th grade language arts students were in today with last week's students serving as group leaders. Here are some students collecting books to use, as well as "drafting" their poems at tables:

And here are their results:
Claire, Anna, Haley
Morgan, Maleah, Emily, Jayson
Robert, Cesar, Alex
Nick, Vanessa, Jacob, Tate, Abby, Connor
Austin, Brianna, Reagan, James, Mara
Jordan, Zack, Trent, Ayden
Kalie, Morgan, Blair
Luke, Ryan, Ben, Caleb

Marissa, Alex, Rachel, Jacob
Lexi, Ben, Jacob, Mariam, Marcus
Lucas, Jacob, Trenton, Rebecca, Ellis
Blake, Jenna, Ben, Sara, Bethany
These two groups chose to put titles on their poems, and the poem "Adolf Hitler" even has stanza breaks!

Abby, Rylie, Kourtney
Izzy, Kara, Tanner, Keaton, Morgan
Mrs. Perkins and I even "wrote" our own poems!

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