Saturday, October 24, 2020

#MGBookTober 2020

It's been another fun and engaging #MGBookTober on Twitter! Each year a group of authors, teachers, and librarians prepare a list of prompts to promote reading and literacy among readers of middle grade books. This is the third October that I have participated, and this year was another great experience! 

Below are the prompts and my notes about my responses:

Because of others' responses, I've read Three Keys by Kelly Yang and Before the Ever After by Jacqueline Woodson. I'm also excited to read Efren Divided by Ernesto Cisneros, a debut middle grade author in 2020. You can see some of my tweets below:

If you're interested in other #MGBookTober suggestions and responses, be sure to search for the hashtag on Twitter! Happy reading!

Monday, October 5, 2020

2020-2021 Iowa State Award Nominees

 In Literacy Studies classes we have been talking about this year's lists of Iowa Children's Choice Award and Iowa Teen Award nominees. In a post from the summer, students could see what titles were nominated for this year's awards, and recently in class, students have had the opportunity to watch book trailers for the titles and respond with their initial impressions of the books.

Curious about this year's nominees? You can watch trailers for the Iowa Children's Choice Award nominees below when you click on the caption.


 You can also watch the Iowa Teen Award trailers--just click on the link in the cap:


Feel free to stop by and browse the cases for the state award books! :) Remember, you'll need to have read 2 of the titles from a list to be eligible to vote in the spring. Happy reading!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Online Reading Resources

 With so many options for students' learning--on-site, at home, and online--it's not always possible for students to check out library books in person. Or maybe you've finished your library book and you're looking for another book to read. We can help! In your Google Classroom for Literacy Studies class, you'll find the document for Online Reading Resources.

Remember that our AEA databases offer electronic resources for ebooks and audio books, and many of the options include related websites and other content for books. Need a quick reminder? Here are the options available to you:

Head over to the library main page for the AEA databases link, or you can check your bookmarks--and don't forget to refer to the document for our school username and password. Happy reading!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

First Week Flashback: The ABCs of the DCGMS Library

It's the final First Week Flashback, as next month we'll be back in school and blogging about new school year happenings--yay! Before we say goodbye to the First Week Flashback, let's take a quick look at last summer's blog posts, the ABCs of the DCGMS Library.

As you'd expect, the ABCs of the DCGMS Library was a 26-week project that highlighted a variety of activities, learning, and materials from our work in Literacy Studies classes, along with the library space and collection itself. Here's the breakdown:

Want to see all of the posts or read about something more in-depth? You can access the ABCs of DCGMS Library HERE. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Final Week Feature: New Books!

With the start of school just about one month away, it's time to showcase some of the new book purchases from the summertime! 
Several of our new titles are series books--books that add to a series you might already love, series books by an author you might love, and graphic novels in series. For Moon Base Alpha and Spy School fans, the Stuart Gibbs FunJungle series will now be part of the library.
Photo Citation

New books in the Unwanteds Quests series by Lisa McMann will also now be available in the library.
Photo Citation

For those graphic novel fans, we've added to some of the GN series in the collection, including finishing out the Percy Jackson series and the Lumberjanes series.
Photo Citation

Several favorite authors have new books out, as well, and we were fortunate to be able to get them added to the collection over the summer. Look for new titles by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Gordon Korman, April Henry, and Jason Reynolds.

Looking to try something completely new--maybe by a new author or in a genre you're interested in? How about one of these? 
Based on the author's first semester in sixth grade, Rex Ogle describes what it was like as he and his younger brother often went hungry, wore secondhand clothes, were short of school supplies, and was on his school's free lunch program. If you liked The Benefits of Being an Octopus or Crenshaw, this book is for you.
Want to try a survival story with a twist? Why not take a look at Dead Voices, a story about three friends who have to figure out how to escape from a haunted house.
Or maybe you'd like to read Clean Getaway by Nic Stone, the author of Dear Martin? This one tells the story of "Scoob" Lamar, who can't seem to stay out of trouble, especially at school. When he has the chance to road trip with his grandmother, he jumps at the chance. But this isn't your typical roadtrip story!

With almost 100 new books added to the collection this summer, you're sure to find something that interests you! Why not stop in to see what you can find!