Thursday, February 26, 2015

Got a Device? Read from our eBook Collection!

There's a new library display that you might find helpful if you've got a device and would like to read from it.
Thanks to the Clear Falls Library (@CFHS_Library) on Pinterest for the inspiration!
With spring break coming up, some of you might be spending time traveling...why not load some eBooks onto your device and pass some of that time reading! 

What you need to know (thanks to @kellyreinhold for the template to use!):
Once you have downloaded the BryteWave app, you'll need to know our FollettShelf web address: You'll need to log in using your Destiny Quest log-in information (username = lunch/library ID#; password = first name). If you're unable to log in using this information, just stop by the library and we'll reset everything for you.

What sort of eBooks do we have in our collection? Take a look at just some of the hundreds and hundreds of titles we have:

Stop by the library for more information and to pick up an informational bookmark to make the eBook process go a little more smoothly! See you soon! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Library Contest for You!

Now that our Minecraft Book Setting Contest is over (congrats Shaine B!), it's time to kick off another contest!

With this contest, students will match the teacher to the bookcase. Forms are available at the display; please turn them in at the library desk when complete. The contest ends on Thurs. Feb. 19, and the winner will be announced on Mon. Feb. 23. The winner will receive a gift certificate for the upcoming spring book fair.

Good luck!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Prisoner of Azkaban Book Club Meeting

Book Club met again today to talk about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. As students came in from lunch, we watched this short clip from the movie:

Our conversation centered on the new characters introduce in Book 3, like Professor Lupin (whose name could NOT be a coincidence, right?), the dementors, and Sirius Black. We also shared what form we believed our own patronuses might take. The most popular responses? Check out below:

Other patronus shapes included the phoenix, a griffin, bunnies, kitties, a rhino, and big cats like tigers and jaguars.

We wrapped up our conversation about the book with a little Harry Potter Would You Rather. . . game playing. The blue bars are from the 6th grade group while the red bars represent students from the 7th grade group:

Finally, we talked about books we've read recently and would recommend to others; the list appears below:

Book Club will meet again at least one time before spring break. Join us when we'll be talking about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.