Monday, February 4, 2013

So...Are You a Cookie or a Cream?

The Ravens may have won Super Bowl XLVII, but Oreo and Nabisco won the commercials battle for this librarian! A library featured in a Super Bowl commercial?! AWESOME! You can check it out below if you missed it:

In the spirit of friendly competition, students can vote in their own poll today only! Stop by the library to add your Oreo to the Cookie or the Cream glass. May the best candidate win!
In a still-tight race this morning, Cream holds a slight lead over Cookie.
UPDATE: By the end of the day, Cream was declared the winner with a small margin of victory.


  1. How smart to capitalize on a pop culture moment relating to the library. You're quick on your feet--I love it! I might try this when I do media literacy with 5th grade students.

  2. The kids had a great time voting--I wish I'd brought 2x the Oreos! :)